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Family Law
Victims Compensation
Neighbourhood Disputes
Driving Offences
Debt Matters
Tenancy and Domestic Violence

Family Law

Making Arrangements for Children Following Separation
This factsheet discusses your options when making arrangements for your children following separation. Updated November 2012.

Best Interests of the Child
This factsheet discusses the test applied by the court when considering the best interests of the child. Updated November 2012.

Equal Shared Parental Responsibility
This factsheet discusses what an order for equal shared parental responsibility means. Updated November 2012.

Contravention - Breaching Court Orders
This factsheet discusses your responsibility to follow court orders and what will happen if you do not. Updated May 2011.

Recovery Orders
If someone does not return your child to you, you can apply to the Court for a Recovery Order. Updated May 2011.

Changing Your Child's Surname
This factsheet describes how you can change your child's surname. Updated May 2011.

We've Separated and Want to Divide Our Property
This factsheet discusses settling property after a marriage or de facto relationship ends. Updated August 2011.

Disputing legal costs in family law matters
This factsheet describes how you can dispute the legal costs of your family law matter. Updated July 2011.

Victims Compensation

Victims Compensation, Counselling and Assistance
This factsheet discusses the process of applying for compensation, counselling and financial assistance relating to injuries suffered as a result of the violent actions of another person. Updated July 2011.

Neighbourhood Disputes

This factsheet discusses disputes between neighbours about trees that extend across boundaries. Updated June 2011.

This factsheet discusses the responsibility of neighbours to contribute to the costs of building a dividing fence. Updated June 2011.

Driving Offences

What to do about your traffic fine
This factsheet explains your options if you receive a penalty notice. Updated May 2011.

Taking your traffic fine to Court
This factsheet explains your options if you elect to take your traffic fine to court. Updated May 2011.

Debt Matters

Creditor Kit
This kit explains your options if someone owes you money. Updated July 2011.

Debtor Kit
This kit explains your options if you owe someone money. Updated July 2011.

Tenancy and Domestic Violence

Tenancy and Domestic Violence
This factsheet explains your options on tenancy when there have been incidents of domestic violence. Updated May 2012.

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